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pollyanna :: www
I decided I needed a user pic for my very new LJ page. I am such a newby with LJ, but knew I needed some Art. Thanks so much for Eternal Sunshine pics. They are awsome.

Murghail :: www
how do i link back to you, you've got some great work!!!!

drikgreen :: www
soh tô aki pra dizer q ameeeeeei esse novo lay!!!!! e seu niver tah chegando, neeeeh?! parabens adiantado!! ;***

maegen :: www
took almost all of the gilmore girl icons. they're amazing =)

Ashley Martin :: www
i love your gilmore girls icons, i took the rory one where it says lifes a blur......... great work!

Nikki :: www
You do great work! I'm going to use a gilmore girls icon and a friends icon if that's ok. Thanks!

Amie :: www
I think I'm using a Gilmore Girls icon.

EnchantedSylph :: www
Used a Cruel Intentions icon and a Reese Witherspoon icon.

Carrie :: www
OMG i love the o.c with all my heart

Hannah VM :: www
Is it alright if I use an icon for MSN? I borrowed "You are the Sunshine of my Life" with Rory and Lorelai.

Emma :: www
Hi, I love your site! Especially the Gilmore Girls icons! But I don't really know how these things work... Can I use one of your icons on my computer? Just as background? Keep up the good work!

caroline :: www
I love all your icons! I swiped the rory/logan kissing, rory/lorelai with flowers, and the happy families one. I'll credit when I use them, of course!

laura :: www
i love thuis site its soo freakin awsome omg

rory :: www
My username is McCartneys_girl77 I really hope I followed your directions the computer and I are not best freinds nice job their asome

shelly :: www
your site is wonderful !

ruth :: www
just wanted to let you know that i'm using a gilmore girls icon for my profile section of my xanga..u got some sweet icons :)

Vicky :: www
Hi again :) I'm also taking an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind icon :D

Vicky :: www
Bloody hell. These are *amazing*. I've taken one Friends one, but I will be back signing your guestbook again soon! These are so fantastic!

liz :: www
i like your icons, so i took a few and i will credit you

Mani :: www
first off...your icons are great. I love them! I took a few from Everwood, Friends, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill. The OC, and Cruel Intentions Keep up the great work on these (:

OHSOThankful! :: www
i took some friends icons and some gilmore girls icons. I'm so happy to have found these they are by far the best ever and I just wanted 2 let you know. I will give you credit on my site.

Krista :: www
Your icon's are awesome! and you have TONS of Gilmore Girls.It's my favorite show.. and so is Lost

Sniffles :: www
Took the Lion King Hakuna Matata. LJ referenced in userpic area. Thanks!

Tyler :: www
Um...what do u use to make these...photoshop, adobe, if u could get back at me on my email thatwould be great, thanxs, Tyler

Katie :: www
Thank you so much for the icon...I'm loven it! I love beuty and the beat and you ROCK for this coolness of a site!

natalia :: www
Hi, your icons are so beautiful :) ..i just wanted to know if a could use a few from "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and from "the oc" for myspace...

Andrea :: www
I used the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind #7 one. Thanks!

Amanda :: www
these are great

KYlea :: www

Sarah :: www
I really like your Icons, I took two...the "details" rose one from pleasentville and the "Just think about what you learned in Chemestry" Joan of Arcadia one. Thanks! Your credited in the Info

Natalie :: www
Loving your site, and icons i took a lot of the friends ones hope you don't mind. they are amazing congrats :)

Malin Andersen :: www

Ink :: www
I took Luke and Lorelai"love" and "take my heart", they're lovely, thank you!

jane :: www
Borrowed one cute Gilmore Icon. Thanx for posting icons.

Lava :: www
Hi. I don't really understand what a journal is online?! But I have taken some of the friends and the OC icons. Hope thats cool.

Allison :: www
Loved the Gilmore girls icons!!

icy paradise :: www
took sum oc and gilmore girls dunno what crdit means so i guess i cant

Lizzi :: www
Took a few Gilmore icons. Thanks!

anna :: www
hey, i took you and i colide of luke and lorelai and when this kis is over it will start again

Sarah :: www
Great site!!!!!!!! :)

whatever :: www
took pacey icon. will credit in signature.

Erika :: www
I grabbed two Gilmore Girls. I promise I will credit.

Erika :: www
I took two of the Spotless Mind ones. They are so aweseome! I will make sure to credit. Your site is great and you are very talented.

16-s-m-b-16 :: www
I am taking a Seth Cohen icon. It hase his face and says Seth.

Justin :: www
Awesome sight, took OTH, so full of doubt and Too many tears. Thanks :)

Jamie Wyatt :: www
I am taking the Smile rory icon.Will credit. I hope I did this right.

fluffy_rose :: www
Oh my dear god, I could not love this site more. I have never before been moved to comment in ANY guestbook, so this is quite a first! *basks in glory of the site* Major kudos to you! You are my new god! Feel afraid, feel very afraid lol. Seriously, great job. Lots of love, Fluffy_Rose

Bree :: www
i just LURVE LURVE L-U-R-V-E One Tree Hill. Especially when chad and sophia are in it together. they are just like SOOOOO Cute!

Lucy :: www
I took the GG/"i almost believe that they're real" icon. thanx!!

britny :: www
these gilmpre girls icons are terrific. thanks for making them

kaela :: www
I took the I hope you dance one and the california here we come one. I also have a question. Do you have any more dance ones? I'm a dancer. :) I love your icons!!! :):):)

gail :: www
love all your icons! grabbed a few oth, vm, and dc icons. will definitely credit when i use them in my LJ! thanks!!!

Karah :: www
Great icons. I took them all.

Andrea :: www
I used one of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ones.. I will give you credit.

gilmy :: www
i'm a mod in a gg forum. You will have your link in my spam section. come and see. thankx again. gilmy

gilmy :: www
thanks for the opportunity to use yours icons. Thank you so much. Grat job

tonichelle :: www
I have a greatest journal and a live jounral :) your icons are great, i took a bunch of the FRIENDS ones :)

Felicia :: www
just kidding silly me just found them

Felicia :: www
wheres the cruel intentions icons? Those were beautiful.

raniah :: www
i luv ya syt i took some fings

pres :: www
hey here, i took oc16-23 but im using 17 right now. hope it's okay. credited you btw.. thanks! u have awesome icons! love it!

Nicole :: www
love your site....

Jen :: www
hey, i just wamted to let you know i luv your icons, i saw them posetd and i took a few. will def credi! :)

timidquest :: www
Love your icons. I grabbed some of the Gilmore Girls and Lost icons. Will credit you!

megan :: www
these are beautiful! i took some of the gilmore girls ones.

Afton :: www
Your Icons are beautiful..I'm taking quite a tree Jill and everood mainly..Crediitng of course=)

Rachel :: www
i love your icons! =D i wish i was good like that..

eve e :: www
i saved a couple of your o.c icons and a couple of lost, i havent decided which ones im going to use on my xanga yet but i'll def credit you for it. great icons ! thanks !

Adriana :: www
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that three Gilmore Girls icons. Is it okay if I credit you by way of putting a link to your User Info in my keywords? thanks!

Alisa :: www
I took two Gilmore Girl icons. (Smile and Beauty) I'm using them at my other journal too, the username is MissMeech. Thanks very much! :)

Ashley :: www
great website i love the OC!!! But you need some dukes of hazzard icons

chelsea :: www
i took an OC one.. thanks =]

Jess :: www
Okay, I'm really confused about the whole crediting thing. Can you tell me how. I have the icon on there now. I just need help crediting you. Post a comment on my journal. Thanks. (I'm new to this)

Jess :: www
I'm taking the moulin rouge icon. It's awesome. Thanx.

anna :: www
i took the seth and summer "in love" spiderman kiss icon that rocks my world!!!! i love your icons theyre so prettypretty. <33anna

stef :: www
i took all cruel intentions icons for use..i know how to credit and such and belive me i will. these are utterly PERFEC. if this is at all a problem feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks!

gina :: www
i took the gg09 icon! its so cute-they all are thanks! ill credit u in my lj

bri :: www
hey, omg_osh i like totally love yur lay_out and all of yur icons! i rally love a O.C. one... but i have a problem... i dont know how in the world to even get an icon and i dont know how to credit yu... and i dont want to steal one either w.o. crediting yur awesome work... so H.E.L.P.! -comment on my LJ to help me please!

Sherry :: www
I'm using esosm07.jpg on my LJ. You will be credited in my user info.

jasper :: www
nice site... i got the OC icons. the one with faith and shattered on it since they're sweet. thx

Sammie :: www
I took most of the Julia Stiles ones. All except the first and last two. They're great!

becky :: www
great will you send me a free icons plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nicole :: www
You have an amazing site! I saved a bunch of your One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and misc. icons. I'm not sure just which ones I'm using, but when I do, I will credit you. They're *awesome*. Thanks! <3

susan :: www
Wow Great icons can i use some for fanbolt, or is that not allowed??

AdamBrodyLover :: www
awsome the oc icons!!!

Shauna :: www
I love your site. You make goregous icons!

Natalia :: www
I took the one of rorry a/ ifes blur, i don't know how 2 link, when i do i will sry

Amber :: www
I LOVE your icons! Sooo pretty... I "borrowed" the SitR one and one of the Julia Styles... Thanks :-)

jess :: www
hi! your icons are awesome! i think i'm going to use the dawson's creek joey potter one that says "shes an angry girl"

Alicia :: www
I LOVE your icons! Mind if I take this one? Will credit! :) Again, your icons are AMAZING!

someone :: www
hey i used a gilmore girls quote thanks!!

Cass :: www
Hey, I am absoultely in love with Gilmore Girls & I came across your site. I'm not neccsarily goin' to use your icon at this point in time, but if you don't mind I'd like it save it for future reference. I'll definately credit you when/if I use your icon. Lovely icons:) <3Cass

carrie :: www
umm i wanna take the luke and loralie kissing how do i do that?

Thaís :: www
Lindos todos os seus icons, Louise! Peguei alguns ok? Beijokas =)

Jessi :: www
I'm using the one that in other t.v. shows that says "i'm nothing more or less than what i see in your eyes when you look at me" Thanks!

gina :: www
i really want a gilmore girls icon but it wont let me why??

__Closer :: www
Took all the Gilmore Girls ones.. Will credit on use.

Melanie :: www
Hey, I took a friends, oc and one tree hill icon. Thanks

Michelle :: www
I took one of the gilmore girl icons. It say: the light that brings me to the place that brings me peace. How do you want me to credit you just say it in my journal??

Keebler :: www
I'm going to use one of your Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind icons on occasion. (Not my default icon.) I took the one you called esosm04. Thanks.

Gina :: www did an AMAZING job with your icons, i snagged a couple gilmore girls, and a dawsons're extremely talented..will credit, thanks bunches!

Kat :: www
took beauty and the beast "tale as old as time" and eternal sunshine "fucked up girl." thx so much. will be sure to credit

Meggy :: www
Great icons!

Betsy :: www
I love your icons! I took a bunch of Gilmore Girl ones, and one from Aladdin!

Stephanie :: www
Nice Icons and a very good Layout. Saved some from GG. Go on with the great work

nonie :: www
hey ur icons are gorgeous,jus so to let u know,i saved one of GG icons. dun worry,i'll credit u.thx! keep on rocking!

Aimz :: www
Thanks! I took some One tree hill, the oc and friends, they r gr8!

jocelyn :: www
Love the icons! Just thought I would let you know that I took one of the Gilmore Girls ones (the one that moves, ha). Thanks!

Melissa :: www
You're icons are all beautiful... i took a Gilmore Girls one and a Dawson's Creek one and i linked them to your site.. thank you for being so talented and creative! *MeLiSsA*

Kal :: www
I love all of ur icons!

Aradia :: www
I love your icons. They're gorgeous. I snagged the Rory Gilmore "Girl with a Broken Smile"

Haylee :: www
It won't let me click on ur icons!?

daphné :: www
I just loved your icons, all of them:) I took some of gilmore girls. They're really pretty.

rachel :: www
i took a bunch of your icons, mostly gilmore and the oc...thanks ill credit

Isabelle :: www
Hi, I just wanted to say that I downloaded some of the icons you made to use in my greatest journal. The ones I took are the animated ones from Gilmore Girls and the only animated one you had from Beauty and the Beast. Thank you so much. I will give credit for sure!!!

donnagirl :: www
I picked up gg30... I've been looking high and low for GG icons! Thanks! Will credit!

Jeanette :: www
Love the icons! I'm taking a few of the Friends, mainly the Joey icons. I'll probably credit in my user info. Thanks!!

Jen :: www
I took Joans "If I had it my way", "My Heads full of Things..", "Music 01", and "Life's a Theatre" I can't use them all at once as yet, but they're great. I'll give credit. Thanks

jenine :: www
hey ive been wanting 2 know how 2 make icons as good as urz 4 a really long time but im not sure what program to use. Im wonderingwhat program you are using. kk emial me bak thanx *xox* o by the way ur icons are reallllyyyy good... sum of the best ive ever seen :)

Lauren :: www
i didnt take any i might someday and ill credit you but i just stoped in to say those icons are sooooooooooo cool

sydney :: www
awsem site! i took a BUNCH of icons! thanks so much :)

Pamela :: www
I borrowed a bunch of the gilmore girls icons and a couple misc. photo shots. and a lauren graham icon. I love your icons.

chichi :: www
you have an awesome site goin' on here!! you should get somemore wicked icons!! like point plesant and some actors!! you rock!!

kaitlyn :: www
yes, again. ^^ just discovered the misc icons section - you've got some absolutely amazing ones there. i'm taking 'breathings of your heart' and the moon icon to use later. okay, now that should be all. :D

kaitlyn :: www
you've got some really great icons here, especially the friends ones. have taken the 'captain jack sparrow' (i <3 him) and 'whole new world' icons, if that's okay. :)

Myriam :: www
Woah! That is so cool! You've got so much talent in digital art, your icons are really beautiful, I love the text on it, it's kind of powerful sometimes! Don't give up, I love this site!

Freak :: www
I took the Gilmore Girls one of Rory w/ the lyrics from "The Luckiest" on it. I love the show and I love the song. Keep up the good work! Love the icons. Though, I do believe you could use some more "Grease" icons ;). Also, some more "Disney" icons ;).

Melissa :: www
I love you icons; they are all beautiful! I snagged a couple OC and Dawson's Creek ones! Thank you!

Eloise :: www
I was just taking a few OC and Joan Of Arcadia Icons to put on my screen nam. I hope thats ok. Thanks!

Rebekah :: www
I love your icons!

monica :: www
snagged two Gilmore Girls, one Adam Brody and one misc

Brittany :: www
Well if I could I would like to use it on as my avatar or in my signature. my screen name is Lily_Evans_Potter* and I took the some from the Glimore Girls section and I will of course credit you if I can use them.

Wink :: www
Ryan Ur such a hottie I luv u and haven't missed one O.C since the first season!

rory :: www
i Love Gilmore Girls. Lauren Graham ur the Best. ♥ Rory

Sam :: www
omg!!! this is so awesome!..i looked everywheres for these icons=) great job but u should realy get some billy tallent ones!! and alot with the lead singer Benjamin Kowalewicz =) keep up the good work!

Britney :: www
Snagged a couple OC icons. :D

Laurel :: www
I took a few o.c. icons. I'm going to use one with rachel bilson, im just bad at finding things again and youre site was so good that i didnt know what i wanted. this is awesome. im going to credit you...hopefully i can do it not very computer saavy.

noelene :: www
I love your icons!!! They are excellent and some are very cute. I was wondering if you'd let me in on what fonts you use, and where you get them from? That is if you don't mind... =)

Blue :: www
i stumbled across your site when i googled (unsuccesfully) for a "make your own icon" tutorial site, but this is a spiffy place ya got here and more should see it so i'm grabbing a linkage thingy to stick on my LJ info page. if you happen to know of a tutorial site, would you please point it out? thanks.

kris :: www
I love all your icons. I took the the Don't even think about it and the grown up gum icons. Great job!

Pauline :: www
hi, I love your Gilmore Girl icons so I hope you are ok with me taking the "Girl with the broken smile" one and the one with "Move on little girl..."! Will credit! thanks!

Danny Haszard :: www
You stand and deliver a touch of class picture perfect 5 stars and rising,your in my spotlight shine on...Best regards,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

Gareth L :: www
I took your Love is on the Menu icon for my journal. I'll be sure to credit. :) Love the site, hope you make more! :)

Cari :: www
cute icons!

Sam3ham :: www
im gunna take a seth cohen i love him thanks

Alyssa :: www
thank u so much!

Carly :: www
I've been Googling around for some Friends icons and I found your site. They're great! From Friends I took: 29, 30, 18 & 2. Thank you.

michelle :: www
I usually never sign these things but i am in love with your site! Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into these things. Being a huige fan of The OC i hope you continue to make OC icons Thanks so much. your amazing xoxo

Britney :: www
Snagged two O.C icons! :D

carla :: www
i would like to use one of the cruel intentions icons, and im really new at this. and i got an error message. sorry. if u can help me, email me back... thanks. :)

Krystal :: www
I really like ALL of your icons, but I am thinking of using the friends always one, or one of the ones from the oc! i havent really decided yet

Katie :: www
Thank you! I've taken your first-displayed GG icon, the sunishine in your life one. Thank you. :) I'm unsure when I will use it but I will, and credit when I do.

Katie :: www
I'm at greatest journal, is that okay? I hope it is because I LOVE your icons, they're fabulous!! Anyway, I was thinking I'd take three from Gilmore Girls (life's a blur, love, and I almost believe they're real), one from friends (FICA), two from the OC (all the sorrow in the world and you can't save me), one from Cruel Intentions (I don't trust myself with you) and one from Moulin Rouge (Above all things I believe in love). I hope that's okay. ? I'll credit you in my keywords. you can check. Thanks! *kate*

Alyssa :: www
Hi! I love your icons~~I took two OC icons and one Cruel Intentions icon. thnx!

KaFishy :: www
Pretty icons. :) I took the Lion King hakuna matata one and Friends chan-chan man, whack playstation, catwoman x supergirl, and rachel shoe. :D Thanks, I'll credit you.

Kate :: www
Your icons are beautiful. I took a few of the Gilmore Girls icons. I will definitely give you credit for them. Thanks a bunch!

kc :: www
awesome icons!! um.. is this where we give you credit? well. i took like 2 friends icons i think and an OC one. im just useing them on my livejournal. thanks!

Iris :: www
In your rules it says to leave a note telling which icon you took. I took a gilmoregirls one, nr. 13. I really like your icons and I'll put the link to this site in my userinfo.

stacy :: www
i want the one with the gilmore girls>i love you you idiot cuz it rocks... *admitts is slow and can't figure out how to get it*

jamie :: www
I love your friends icons and your gilmore girls! I took from the friends section: 5,7-11,19,21,24,13,18 Thank You! And I hope you continue making icons they're wonderful!

agd :: www
I too the Captain Oats OC icon and i will credit you. thanks!

kelsey :: www
i took the dawson's creek one i'm standing here till you make me move.

Cassi :: www
You're icons are really awesome, I took a few of the Gilmore Girls icons to use in my journal, and I will credit you! Thanks!

QueenC :: www
Hey! Wonderful site! I found it via a simply Google search. I'm taking the Kate Hudson icon (Serious Person? Hell No!) and will, of course, credit in my keywords at my journal, which I have listed above. Thanks again!

Ed :: www
Hi! I took one of the Gilmore Girls Icons (My head is full...), and one from Friends (The Chan Chan Man).

Britney :: www
Hey, i was wondering if you take icon requests? And if so whee do i request one?

Liz :: www
Hey. I love all of these icons!! I have a question, what program do you use to make them? If you could e-mail me with the answer I'd appreciate it.

Britney :: www
I snagged all of the Dawson and Joey icons and the second AWTR icon. Hope its Okay.

Carly :: www
Took both kate hudsons. Will credit!

valerie :: www
i took a friends icon. they are so good! you are very talented!

Valerie :: www
i took the luke and lorelie love icon thanks!

Marianne :: www
Hiya - I took a seth icon, gave full credit. Your icons are great. :)

jaymii-lyn :: www

Anna :: www
OMG... you are so cool. You and I are so much alike... I found your page looking for Gilmore Girls stuff and I saw taht we <3 all the same stuff! Keep up the coolness of you...

Immy :: www
Taking all the Oc and Aladdin ones and a few misc. Great site, really beautiful icons

Heather :: www
im back again, sry forgot to let you know i took a couple icons hope you don't mind. i took a grease one and cruel intentions.

Heather :: www
The Icons are amazing! Keep up the great work!

Ying :: www
Hi, I'm signing to let you know that I'm using your icons in my livejournal. Lovely site you have here. =)

jess :: www
I took the "And the moon is the only light we see" icon to use on my lj. I'm gonna credit you like your rules state. Thanks, its a really beautiful icon. I would like to see another moon icon with a blue colored theme to it.

Erin :: www
I really like your icons! I took "Life's a blur", "my head's full of things I can't mention", "I got blind every time I look at you", and "and the moon is the only light we see." I know its a lot, but I really like them! thank you so much!

nadia :: www
I am absolutely loving the icons and the layout. :) I'd actually be interested to know how you coded your script. I'm working on getting all my LJ icons up on my site, but I've been toying with a mix of XML & PHP. :)

Brandi :: www
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I took several of your OC ones...any that included Anna or Samaire. I also took several OTH ones. I will credit you when I use them!

Dee :: www
I'm absolutely loving all of your icons. Especially The O.C ones. They are great. heh Oh and I was wondering what sort of fonts do you use? Cause most of the time i cant find the right font to put on an icon so i usually leave it blank or something but yeah, if you could comment me on my LJ or something that would be great. If not, then still great icons. lol Dee.

Jessica :: www
hey! u amke really cool icons. i took thw one with the whole group in it and i'll give u credit.. all i do is tell people where i got my icon? thanx bye

Lilisullivan :: www
Hi, great icons!!! May i take the icon in miscelaneous, with the chewing gum, which says, "don't even THINK about it"? I'll credit in the keyboard of course when i use it! Thanks a lot. Lil

athena :: www
hey, your site is awesome I haven't been able to find any icons this good and I took 2 Friends icons. I took the chan chan man one and the one where rachel and ross are kissing.....thanks

Kelley :: www
I just saved a few more to my journal: Beauty & The BEast, "Tale as Old as TIme, Grease "You're the One that I want", the "kick off your shoes", & "Take a long walk, relax." THanks again.

Kelley :: www
Your site is awesome. You make some of the best icons I've seen so far. I am going to put a credit for you on my user info page, since my journal is friends only. The icons I am saving to use are: Julia Stiles "I always feel like a goofy little kid", Reese Witherspoon "It has not always been this grey", & Matt Damon "Flying HIgh". Thanks so much! Again, wonderful job on the are very talented. :)

jmc :: www
Oops, I forgot put the journal link.

jmc :: www
Nice avs. Took the JoA tears of joy one, will credit of course.

Ashley :: www
Love your icons, I'm snagging the Gilmore Girls one with the crazy outline. I'll credit you in the keywords.

erica :: www
i want this for my buddy icon i love it!! but i cant lol

Chloe :: www
Awesome layout! I love the icons :D You did an awesome job, Louise.

Louise :: www
feel free to leave your message!

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