1. You may use these icons on your journal only.

2. You may not use these icons on your download site, your fansite or the download section of your fansite. Unless I give you permission to do so. Are you interested? Then .

3. If you do take an icon, credit me. I don't care if you give me a link on your user info or on your keywords. I don't care if you link to my livejournal [/~unfloopy], or this site [World of Glass]. All I do care is that you give me credit.

4. Do not pass any of these icons as your own. I'll find out and it won't be nice.

5. If you take any icon(s), I really would like to know which one(s) you're taking. So please sign the guestbook and leave the address to your LJ.

6. Do not direct link any of these images. Save to your own server!

7. Do not modify any of these icons.

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